Unlike other tape heads which are tied to things like tape contracts, the Dekka tape head gives you the Freedom to Choose and the flexibility to adapt when required.

Freedom to Choose

No strings attached with the Dekka tape head as you can choose or change your brand or type of tape whenever you want.

Freedom to Choose

Dekka tape heads give you the freedom to choose the brand and type of tape that is right for your application and flexibility to change based on the demands of the market and the needs of your business.

Our product has been engineered to do the best job in applying, cutting, and wiping down tape. We test our product all brands of tape, not just one.

Unmatched Flexibility

Consistent Performance

Why have equipment in your facility that is not yours? Dekka customers don't just own our tape heads, but our dedication to each product as well. Because the tape head is our core product, we take care to ensure every one of our customers are satisfied with the performance of the Dekka tape heads.

Product Ownership

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